Like many of us these days, I am my business. When personal and professional challenges become so great that its difficult to compartmentalize, finding the right coach is critical for health and success. Valerie Hardwick stepped into my life at a critical moment and with faith, compassion and skill helped me balance my life and get me back on track. With tools like MindMeister and DISC we were quickly able to detangle my relationships from my responsibilities and establish priorities. What a blessing to feel empowered and focussed again. I am eternally grateful.

Thankful for the Opportunity!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Everything DiSC Workplace workshop. BWF has provided me with tools that I can use not only in my professional life but also in my home life. As we learn to recognize how and why we react to different situations, we can take the skills we've learned from this training and how best to work with our co-workers, clients and those most important in our lives.


Kenna Draxton

Managing Director

The Everything DiSC workshop that BWF delivered for my company was invaluable. As a management consulting group, the insights and tactics we learned revolutionized how we interact within our team as well as with our clients. Beyond the DiSC profiles, BWF incorporated insightful psychological observations and interpersonal tips that show the incredible depth of experience they possess. The workshop and the results we experienced are phenomenal.

Ian Vasquez

Ian Worden - Chief Information Officer

I had the opportunity to participate in a DISC and VAT assessment workshop facilitated by an Instructor from BWF Classes as part of the Arizona State University Master of Healthcare Innovation program. The skills taught in the workshop helped individuals understand their own personality traits and learning styles as well as how to recognize those characteristics in others. These new or enhanced skills can help advance your personal communications ability which is critical to effective leadership. I found the workshop to be enlightening and valuable to my personal development.

Chief Information Officer

Dianne Denardo, MHI, BSN, RN, CVT

A terrific class and my Instructor was knowledgeable in understanding behavior and personalities.

All Species Nurse, LLC

Cathy Lalley, PhD, MHI, RN

My Instructor, who is the President & Founder of BWF Classes is an excellent personal and professional coach. The insight I gained from working with her has changed how I interact with others by making me more aware of my communication patterns and expectations. She is detail oriented, encouraging, and personable. After I worked with her and experienced tangible results my sister also worked with her and achieved rapid increase in sales. Working with her has been an investment with great returns.

Owner, BRIDGES in Healthcare, LLC

Ronda Atkinson, MHI, BSN, RN

I had the pleasure of meeting my Instructor from BWF Classes while in graduate school at ASU. She presented her seminar to both students and faculty and we each received a detailed analysis of our leadership style using the DISC and VAT scales. We also received information on all other students and faculty to understand their leadership and communication styles. This proved to be extremely valuable in working with others. I have included this information in my portfolio. She is a skilled presenter and she continued to be available for phone consultation. She has a very intuitive sense about people, communication and relationships. I would highly recommend her work.

Team Lead - Home Care Division - Hospice of the Valley

Fredda Kermes, MHI

The BWF Classes team are very skilled in their presentations. The participants of their services will gain knowledge and have a very enjoyable experience. I would recommend BWF Classes to anyone needing to learn more about working well with others!

Coordinator Professional Development at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center

Dan Weberg, PhD, MHI, BSN

BWF Classes provided an in depth consultation using the Personality and Learning Style scales that helped both students and faculty learn to work better together. They are very knowledgeable about the content they teach and provides real world examples to make it understandable. They are professional and enthusiastic. I recommend BWF Classes for anyone looking to improve their teamwork skills.

Director, Nursing Innovation at Kaiser Permanente IT


Tony Mollica - Director of Clinical Operations for OptumHealth

I wanted to send out a formal thank you and express my sincere gratitude for the President & Founder of BWF Classes who was our Instructor. She is extremely talented and highly engaging.  Her dedication and passion inspires the un-inspirable.  I have had the opportunity to be included in several corporate leadership training and development workshops.  Her presentation and knowledge overshadows my previous experiences.  Mostly, I think her ability to be present with each participant and express her genuineness to their own development is unparalleled to others in the industry.  She spent significant time and effort in challenging me to understand my own awareness and relationships with family and friends.

I was truly exhausted after speaking with her because of the effort it took in order to keep up with the demands of the conversation.  She encouraged me to grow and I truly felt that she ‘cared’ for my own development, possibly more than even me!  I am grateful and feel blessed. 

I can only hope that this partnership solidifies so that I have the selfish benefit of continuing to grow and enhance my own skills for working with others and becoming more aware of my surroundings.  I look forward to continued experiences and workshops like these and will continue to spread the value of the weekend immersion.

Once again, thank you.

Tony Mollica

Director of Clinical Operations

OptumHealth, a UnitedHealth Group Company

Phoenix, AZ


Dr. John L. Volakis

After taking this course, you will be able to analyze attributes and how to better work with others.  The realization that people cannot be changed, but you can adjust to the way they learn best.  I will use this to improve my working relationships with others.  That understanding one another is a learning process and that this course is a great way to learn how!

Dr. John L. Volakis

R. & L. Chope Chair Professor

Dept of Electrical and Computer Eng.

Director of ElectroScience Laboratory

Ohio State University

Columbus, OH


Dr. Kathy Malloch , PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN

This course exceeded my expectations!  This is extremely helpful with our interpersonal relationships.  I will use what I have learned with my workmates, students, and my family to increase communication effectiveness.  Most helpful in understanding self and others and how I can change my approach with others.

Dr. Kathy Malloch , PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN

Clinical Professor,
Senior Faculty, Master of Healthcare Innovation

College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation
Arizona State University
Phoenix, AZ


Linda Moritz

“I have taken behavioral assessments before, but in no way do they compare to the experience BWF Classes Instructors are able to provide.  Their Instructors have a unique way of sharing their knowledge and teaching the different behavioral styles and learning preferences which help us all understand why we think, speak and behave the way we do.  This information is invaluable in the business world today; regardless of what type of business you are in.  The impact it will have on your personal life is an added bonus.  With their expertise you will learn how to communicate effectively, which in turn, will lead to greater success in every area of your life!”

Linda Moritz

Director of Sales

MindWorks Technical Training

Scottsdale, AZ


Daniel Nienhauser, MHI, MBA, BA

The President & Founder from BWF classes was our Instructor.  She provided a vital missing link for the Masters Healthcare Innovation program at Arizona State University...understanding who one is, combined with the learning styles and how best to interface and collaborate with others. We love to talk about innovation and collaboration in our world today...and these Instructors have the skill set, knowledge and capacity to help others REALLY innovate and collaborate. If you want to Walk (or Run!), instead of just talking the talk, find a way to integrate BWF Classes into your training and educational regimen.

Dan Nienhauser

Arizona State University

Director, PRIDE (Promoting Research Identification, Development & Execution)

Director, MacroTechnology

Tempe, AZ


Dr. Sayfe Kiaei

It’s a great eye opening observation about you and others.  I am going to use what I have learned to apply it more actively for self and using these tools in daily life to observe and understand others.  Take it!  It’s a Must!!

Dr. Sayfe Kiaei

ASU Professor Electrical Engineering, Associate Dean for Research

Electrical Engineering