About Us

Balance Work Force (BWF) LLC has been established since 2004.  BWF has helped thousands of college students and business associates take the knowledge they have learned out of the classrooms or offices and apply to their daily lives. We have assisted organizations and individuals with recognizing people’s priorities, motivators, stressors, and cultures, which has led to improved relationships.

BWF provides classes to individuals and organizations onsite and online with understanding and managing personalities and learning styles; teaching professional speaking techniques, business networking, and introducing cultural business awareness. We educate and challenge individuals that enrich their perspective to learn and grow through learning programs based on their professional and personal needs.


Our Policy

By purchasing products (online classes and assessments) and services (onsite workshops) through BWFClasses, you agree that you will not forward any information supplied in these courses, handout materials, lesson quizzes and test, and internal references provided by BWFclasses.com, to another party or individuals without the consent of BWFclasses.com.  Participates agree that all lessons for educational purposes only.

All quizzes and tests are intended only for the person signed-in and conducting the courses.  Quizzes and tests are taken at the end of each course and will only be available for a limited amount of time (up to 7 days), from the time the course is completed.  Quizzes and tests are only offered to the student(s), or the purchasing person, for a maximum of three (3) times to complete and pass the quizzes and tests.  After the exceeded amount of (3) attempts to pass, the student(s), or purchasing person will have to re-purchase the course in its entirety to retake any quizzes or tests.   If the person taking the quizzes and tests do not answer enough questions correctly to score an 80%, they will not receive a completion certificate for that course.

BWFClasses.com has a policy of no refunds, returns, or exchanges on orders. We will replace materials with the same product version only when the materials are defective, or there are problems of workmanship.