Valerie Hardwick BA, MS

Life/Business Coach & DiSC Certified Training

Valerie Hardwick is the Principal owner of Balance Work Force, LLC., located in Phoenix, AZ.  Ms. Hardwick specializes as a workforce strategist, role behavioral analyst, DiSC licensed and authorized Wiley partner, facilitator, and business and life coach.  She is a high energy motivational business speaker that brings practical ideas that can be immediately applied to the workplace. Throughout her career, she has developed her intuitive communication and people reading skills into a strategy that helps professionals and individuals understand the different behavioral styles. She helps businesses transform themselves into great places to work that attract, retain and motivate people to their full potential. She combines story and strategy to teach audiences how to create high-performance organizations that lead to change, growth, and innovation.

Ms. Hardwick is a trusted business partner who works with individuals and organizations to identify and retrain undesirable patterns of thinking and behavior in order to create a workplace that meets and exceeds strategic goals. She assists in developing cohesive teams through effective communication skills that will improve workplace relationships and foster a collaborative work environment.

Possessing over 15 years of workforce strategy consulting, Ms. Hardwick possesses expert skills in platform facilitation and course design skills. She has delivered hundreds of courses in learning styles, role behavior, professional development, diversity and sensitivity, leadership development, providing feedback, performance management, and leadership, sales, and workplace management training programs. She has developed and executed tailored programs for an extensive variety of large and small organizations, including the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, OASIS Hospital, Arizona State University, and The Ohio State University.

Her educational achievements include a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Reno, Nevada in the Arts of Psychology and a Master’s degree in Science of Psychology from the University of Phoenix, Arizona. She is completing her second Master’s degree in Sociology. Currently, Ms. Hardwick is a faculty associate at Arizona State University for the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation & Entrepreneurship instructing at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

She has worked with executives and their teams in diverse industries including universities, retail, financial services, legal services, healthcare, and technology.


Laura Tanner ADN, BAS, MHI

DiSC Certified Training

Laura Tanner is the Senior Consultant of Balance Work Force, LLC., and is located in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a DiSC trainer and certified assessment facilitator. Ms. Tanner is an innovative and creative skilled trainer and facilitator for DiSC with a spirit for helping people improve their communication skills with 25 + years of experience. Ms. Tanner has facilitation experience with both small and large groups, including mid-level and advanced learners. She has developed a unique and innovative approach to managing multiple facets of organized workplace challenges.

In her professional training career, she has been successful in instructional design techniques and methodologies using virtual and face to face delivery methods, classroom-based workshops,  and interactive webinars. Her work history includes leadership and organizational development, e-learning, recruiting, performance management, and a Registered Nurse. Her experience in patient care laid the foundation for understanding human relations and behaviors. She is currently a student at Arizona State University working on her master’s degree in Healthcare Innovation at the Edson College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation.

Marie Stremming

DiSC Certified Training

Marie Stremming is a Sales and DiSC Trainer of Balance Work Force, LLC., and is located in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a DiSC trainer and certified assessment facilitator and been utilizing DiSC for 7 + years. Ms. Stremming specializes in building successful relationships with clients, organizations, and individuals with 20 + years of experience. She has an extensive background in healthcare/turnaround/merger and acquisition environments with Finance, Information Technology, and Human Resource teams. She has been successful and coached individuals, teams and executives utilizing the DiSC model with Leadership and Management, New Hires Program and Productive Conflict. Ms. Stremming seeks to gain the client approach and insight to customize training specific to the client requirements and to develop the training program design and workshop facilitation for the client.